We are Nivis. I’m  Fjolla Gashi and I’m Johannes Dorsch. We met under strange circumstances and thus our story continued. Not being able to play together during corona lockdown, we developed a system of recording at home and sending the files to each other till in the end a song was born. For this purpose Fjolla learned producing within days only. After the lockdown was over, we went straight to the recording studio where we recorded our first few songs. We are weaving fragile melancholic synth sounds with electronic beats and some soft electric guitars and pianos. Fjolla’s wonderful warm deep and glazing voice sounds like purple velvet. Listen to our music on our social channels. Get to know us better in a short Radio Interiew on Deutschlandfunk Kultur.

We carry melancholia and gloom as connecting elements both in our lyrics and in our hearts.

For more detailed information about Nivis follow the link to our EPK